How to Make a Ghost Goody Bag

Project Level: Easy

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Autumn, my favourite time of year… as summer comes to an end, the children get ready to go back to school, the leaves start to change colour and there is a slight nip in the early morning air... which also means it’s time to get Halloween ready!

We love this festival, (as if we need an excuse to dress up...) this is an event where our whole community comes together and celebrates.

At Fabric love we decided to design a fun, new bag to collect all those yummy treats.

This Ghost bag is brilliant, made with polycotton, it is slightly padded to give it structure, the strap can be cut to the size required and when you feed the ghost through its mouth it gets a lovely round tummy!

Dimensions H. 28cm W 21cm

You Will Need

Recommended Fabrics & Notions

Plain white cotton poplin fabric in a swirl
Plain white cotton poplin fabric in a swirl

Plain Polycotton - White

Plain Polycotton - Black
Plain Polycotton - Black

Plain Polycotton - Black

A reel of Gutermann sew-all thread in black or white
A reel of Gutermann sew-all thread in black or white
Gutermann Thread - Sew All - 100 Metres - Black/White
Gutermann Thread - Sew All - 100 Metres - Black/White

Gutermann Thread - Sew All - 100 Metres - Black/White

Acrylic Felt - Black - Cut from Roll
Acrylic Felt - Black - Cut from Roll

Acrylic Felt - Black - Cut from Roll



Download the PDF pattern. Print the pattern using Adobe Acrobat Reader ensuring you do not check the box on the print dialogue that says "Scale to Fit" or "Fit to Page" and check that the test box has printed at the correct size of 5cm.

Step 1

Cut out the ghost shapes on all layers of fabric.

Following the instructions, iron the Heat and Bond onto the wrong side of the front and back outside pieces.

Step 2

Pin the outside pieces together, Right side to right side leaving a 2cm gap in the top of the ghosts head (this is for the bag handle). Stitch.

Turn your bag the right way round and gently push out all of the seams. You can use a bodkin, the wrong end of a pencil or a piece of doweling.

Please try not to use scissors, you might undo your beautiful handiwork.

Press both sides firmly.

Step 3

Pin the lining pieces together, Right side to right side leaving a 2cm gap in the top of the ghosts head (this is for the bag handle as it needs to go through all layers).

Leave the bottom left side of the ghost body open, (this is so you can turn your work the right way round later). Stitch and trim all loose ends. 

Halloween Ghost trick or treat bag

Step 4.

Leave the lining the wrong side up and carefully insert the outside of the bag inside it (right side up).

Beware: The ghost pattern is not symmetrical, there is a left and right side.

Gently push the bag into the lining. This doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to lay flat around the circle. Line up the circles (the ghosts mouth) and pin . Stitch 5mm away from the edge.

Sew & attach a bag lining

Step 5.

Pull the main body of the bag through the gap in the lining and hem it. 

Push the lining into the main body of the bag ensuring that the gap in the head, fingers, sides and bottom of the ghost all line up.

I used the wrong end of a crochet hook to do this.

Step 6.

Using your thumb and forefinger, roll the inside of the mouth lining down into the body of the bag. Do this all the way around the mouth. Pin and top stitch close to the edge.

Selection of halloween fabrics from our collection

Shop Halloween Fabrics

How to make a bag handle

Step 7.

Press your bag handle open. fold in half lengthways and press again.

Open the fabric and place 2cms of heat and bond down the length of the bag handle, next to the centre crease.

I used off cuts to do this.

Fold the fabric in half lengthways again and press to ensure that the heat and bond attaches to the fabric.

You should have a 5mm gap between the edge of the heat and bond and the edge of the fabric. Fold this edge in and press.

Turn your handle the other way up and using the pressed side as a guide fold the outside edge in to match it. Press.

Using your sewing machine, stitch along the open edge close to the folds. Press again.

I know, you might think I have a thing for irons. I don't. I loathe ironing but sewing and pressing go hand in hand. It gives your projects a sharp, professional finish and bonds the stitching to the fabric.

Step 8.

Fold your handle in half and insert it into the top of the ghost's head ensuring that it also goes through the 2cm hole in the lining.

Pin the handle in place and top stitch all the way around the outside of the bag.'ve got it... Press!

Step 9.

Finally, your Ghost needs eyes! cut two and place them onto the bag. If you want them straight you can use a ruler or freestyle it. Attach with fabric glue or a hot glue gun.

You are now Halloween ready!

ghost trick or treat bag

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