Sewing Lessons at Fabric Love, Colchester

Learn new sewing skills in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.  With over 50 years sewing experience between the three members of our team, we have a real passion for sewing and we can't wait to share the joy with you!

Whether you are a complete newbie or relatively experienced, we have a wonderful selection of courses and groups that cover a variety of skill sets, aimed at different levels of existing knowledge.

All courses are run in our pretty lil' fabric shop on Severalls Business Park, just off the A12 with free parking right outside.

Sewing machines and materials are provided for most of the lessons although many of our customers choose to bring their own machine. 

Request a call using the button below and we will call you back as soon as we can to discuss any questions you might have about any of our courses.

All our courses make fabulous gifts but please ensure the recipient can make all the days on the course. Speak to us if you want to gift a course as we can provide a voucher so the lucky recipient can book in the dates  personally. 

Sew Basic - 6 Week Beginners Course

Learn the basics in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. 

This course is designed for those with little or no sewing experience who would like a thorough introduction to sewing and can't wait to get started! 

No previous experience is required and sewing machines and accessories are provided in the lesson so you don't need any equipment. Perfect for those who want to try out sewing before investing in their own machine. If you have a machine and would like to learn using that then you are more than welcome to bring it along. 

We can't wait to introduce you to the absolute joy of sewing!

Sew Dressed Up - 6 Week Dressmaking Course

If you know your way around a sewing machine and have made a few lovely craft items but your heart lies in making your own clothes then this is the perfect course for you!

Sewing patterns can seem daunting if you haven't been taught how to read them. The notches, fold and grain lines and all the various markings are almost a foreign language.  

By the end of this course, you will understand how to read a pattern from working out measurements and calculating the quantity of fabric required to cutting out, reading markings and following pattern instructions.

You will have a good understanding of how to construct different types of garments and we will even show you how to copy your favourite clothing to make up your own pattern.

If you have been dying to try out dressmaking but fear your sewing skills are not up to scratch, this is still the course for you! You really don't need to be incredibly experienced to making clothing, if you can use a sewing machine then once you have learnt how to decipher a pattern, you will be able to make clothing! 

Sew Social - Improve Your Skills in Class

If you love making new things and are looking for a class where you can improve existing sewing skills then our Sew Social sewing class is perfect for you.

Choose to follow the weekly class tutorial or bring in your own project from home that you need help with. This class is intended to help improve existing skills and by providing flexibility, you can ensure you are learning the skills that you are most interested in.

We often find that by helping others, we consolidate our own learning so you may find yourself helping a fellow classmate with a tricky bias binding mitred corner or a particularly mind bending pattern instruction!

Our Sew Social group is an opportunity to grown and learn as well as meet others with the same interests as you. It is a little corner of the week carved out just for you where your new friends will be as excited as you about your latest make!

If you know how to use a sewing machine and would welcome a weekly morning of relaxed learning and improving then check availability and register your interest.

Sew Youth - 6 Week Beginners Course

If you have/are a young person who would like to sew then this class covers a similar content as our Sew Basic class but is held after school between 4pm and 6pm, for those aged between 8 and 16 years.

The course is for those with little to no experience with a sewing machine and the content is more flexibile according to the ages and abilities of the current class.

Class teachers for this course are fully DBS checked.