About Us

Hello Fabric Lover!!

Welcome to our pretty lil' fabric shop! If you are looking for beautiful, good quality, reasonably priced fabric then you have come to the right place.

I started Fabric Love online in 2015, a couple of years after I learned how to sew and developed an incurable addiction for fabric shopping! After filling a whole room in my house with fabric that I would never be able to use if I sewed 24/7 for several years, I decided to put my fabric buying habit to good use and open up a shop. Boy has it snowballed since then, as it turns out there are multitudes of compulsive fabric shoppers out there looking for the same fabrics that I happen to love!

Since then, we have opened our shop to the public in 2021 so if you are local to Colchester then we would love to see you, there is always a warm welcome in our shop!


Now our team consists of 3 hard working mums and 3 part time hardworking lads (two of which are mine!) With a combined wealth of over 50 years sewing experience between us, we have a real passion for what we do and enjoy sharing our love of sewing and crafting with our lovely customers!

Kelly - that's me - looks after the buying in our fabric ranges, making sure we keep stocked up and ensuring our website is nice and easy for our customers to use

Emily - works in the shop and in customer service and looks after our social media - don't forget to check out some of Em's competitions and giveaways on our facebook and instagram pages!

Shazz - works in the shop and in customer service and writes all the wonderful free tutorials on our blog.

Our business ethos is simple, provide excellent products and an excellent service and customers will come back!

Happy shopping!

Kelly x