Rolls of colourful continuous zip tape

What is Continuous Zip Tape and How to Use It

Zips come in different colours, widths and lengths so finding one that is exactly right for the job can be a bit of a minefield. Read about continuous zip tape and learn how to use it.
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Bolts of jersey fabric with funky designs

What is Jersey Fabric and How Can I Use It?

Jersey fabric is a very popular choice for clothing these days but it comes in lots of different types. We explain what these types of jersey are and how they can be used.
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A collage of pictures of items made with cotton poplin fabric including an apron, some girls dresses and a bag

What is Cotton Poplin and How Can I Use It?

Popular with dressmakers, crafters and quilters, cotton poplin is a close weave, soft to touch, lightweight, natural and renewable fabric which offers a certain luxurious quality to your sewing projects.
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A blue and white iron sitting on a table

To Press Or Iron - Tailor's Ham and Clapper Explained

I’m sorry to say it but sewing and pressing go hand in hand. There is no getting away from it. I loathe ironing.

Personally, I’ve never been a slave to the iron, and I only use it when I am sewing, so here are so hints and tips to make life easier. Honestly, it really will.

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How to Choose a Sewing Thread

How to Choose a Sewing Thread

Where would we be without thread? Thread has enabled us to make clothing to protect us from all weathers and the harshest of environments, from joining fur pelts, the Ancient Egyptians to the Space Race which may seem a little deep but without it we’d be very cold, and the human race wouldn’t have made it to the moon.

So, here is a quick guide to thread and matching colours for those of you who aren’t tailoring for Buzz Aldrin…


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Fat quarters of floral cotton fabric hanging on s hooks from a chrome rail

What is a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter seems a pretty odd name for a measurement of fabric so it is no wonder our Fabric Love ladies are always being asked what it is! In this short article, I will show you how and why a fat quarter is named as such and why fat quarters can come in different measurement.
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