What is Continuous Zip Tape and How to Use It?

Rolls of continuous zip tape in various colours

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Continuous zip tape is a long length of zip, often purchased in a roll or by the metre, that you cut to your own length for each project. The huge advantage of this is that every time you need a zip, you don't need to find one that is exactly the right length as specified by your pattern, you can just cut the length required from a roll.

Zips come in different colours, widths and lengths so finding one that is exactly right for the job can be a bit of a minefield. Let's face it, how many times have you struggled to find the right length zip anyway and had to cut a longer one down?!

Purchasing zips in this way can prove more economical and it is a great way to build your stash of supplies up as purchasing a roll or long length of zip tape will mean you always have the right length. 

So now all you need to understand is how to use them, in particular, how to mount the zip pull.

How to Mount a Zip Pull to Continous Zip Tape 

❤️ Begin by measuring out your zip tape to the required length for your project then add ½ a cm and cut this from the continuous length of zip tape.

❤️ Separate the 2 sides of your zip completely.

❤️  Slide the zip pull onto one side of your zip tape.

❤️ Take the other side of your zip and cut this diagonally from the outside of the zip tape up towards the zip edge by 1/2cm (This is the extra 1/2cm that you added on when you cut your zip tape).

❤️ Making sure that the top edges of your zip tape line up, slide this edge into the top of the zipper holding the end of the tape that already has the zip on it firmly. This should, with little resistance, allow the zip pull to slide on doing up your zip. 

❤️ Be careful not to pull your zip pull too high or it will slide off the other end! To avoid this, you can add a few stitches over the end of the zip tape, or you could add a clip until the zip has been secured into your project.

❤️ Congratulations. You have mounted your zip pull head onto your zip tape!

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