How To Make The Boobie Bag

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Project Level: Easy

A bag with round handles on a table in front of a jug of daffodils


We were absolutely delighted when this Boobies fabric by Little Johnny arrived at Fabric Love and I couldn't wait to design something to make with it. Naturally it is difficult to make a bag with this design and call it anything other than "The Boobie Bag" but if this print feels a little too out there for you, it can be made in any other cotton fabric and would otherwise be named "The Bucket Bag"!

 The finished bag will measure 28cm x 28cm x 9cm (11x11x3.5” in old money).

 You Will Need:

Half a metre of the following: Outer fabric, lining, ultra-firm interfacing, heat & bond interfacing (optional).

1 magnetic bag clasp and 4 feet studs (optional), two circular bag handles (13cms in diameter) and corresponding thread.

A sewing machine, scissors, iron and board, pins.


Step 1:

Download the PDF pattern and stick the pages together matching the arrows. 

Cut all pieces on the fold of the fabric.

 2 x outer fabric

2 x lining fabric

2 x ultra-firm interfacing

2 x heat & bond interfacing (optional)

Step 2:

 Following the instructions on the interfacing, iron the ultra-firm interfacing to the “wrong side” of the outer fabric.

Iron the fusible fleece on top if required. This will give some padding but will also help to maintain the shape.

Step 3:

With the “right sides” of the outer bag facing each other, sew along the two sides and the bottom of the bag.

Step 4:

Mitre the corners (cut the corners, think of the top of a Bishops hat) and press the seams open.

Step 5:

With right sides together, fold the lower ends of the side seam to match the base seam the base seam and pin. Stitch the raw edges together and trim.

Image to show bag after completing step 5


Step 6:

Turn the bag right side out, fold and crease the bag parallel with the base seam front and back of the bag. Repeat with the side of the bag.

Attaching the foot studs and magnetic catch

These are optional but they will give your bag a professional finish

Step 7:

Measure along the bottom seam of the bag from the short edge, 7cm (2.5”) and measure up and down 2.5cms (1”) mark with a pencil. Repeat for the other side.

Step 8:

Make four holes in the bottom of the bag using a sharp implement, this could be a craft knife, a bradawl, or a sharp pair of scissors. Mind your fingers!

Following the instructions, attach the feet to the bag.

The bottom of the bag with 4 bag studs after completing step 8

 Step 9:

Fold the lining in half lengthways and find the centre of the lining and measure down approximately 5cms (2”) and mark with a pencil.

Step 10:

Cut two additional pieces of the ultra-firm interfacing and iron them onto the back of the lining of the bag. This is where you are going to add your magnetic closure.

Step 11:

Lay the round disc on the interfacing and mark the holes. Using a sharp object, pierce two holes through the lining and the interface. Push the magnetic clasp through the holes and bend the arms towards each other, like a metal hug.

Step 12:

Repeat for the second piece of lining ensuring that you have a “male” and “female” part and that they are accurately aligned.


Cut the pockets out of the contrasting fabric, sew a seam along the top and press. Iron the folded edges and sew onto the lining of your bag ensuring that the pattern is the right way up.

The pockets as per the pockets step of the tutorial


Step 13:

With the “right sides” of the bag lining facing each other, sew along the two sides and 5cms along the bottom of the bag on the left and right. You will use this gap to turn your bag the right way around.

 How to prepare the fabric for step 13


Step 14:

Mitre the corners and press the seams open.

Step 15:

Cut two squares, 14x14cm (5.5x5.5”) and iron the interfacing on the wrong side. Fold in half, press and fold lengthways again to make your handle attachment.

Step 16:

Sew along both long edges and wrap around one handle, pin to the top centre of the bag and baste along the edge, this will secure the handles whist you attach the lining. Repeat for the other side ensuring that they match.

Step 17:

Keeping your bag lining the wrong way round pull it over the bottom of the bag so the side seams line up and the two “right sides” of the fabric are together. The bag handles should be in between the two layers.

How to prepare the fabric for step 17

Step 18:

Pin along the top edge and sew 1cm from the top.

Step 19:

Trim off any excess and mitre the corners. This reduces and bulk on the top of the bag.

Step 20:

Pull your bag through the hole in the bottom of the lining, fold the open gap and stitch.

Step 21:

Trim any loose threads and push the lining down into bag. Using your thumb and forefinger, roll the lining down from the top of the bag and pin all the way around.

Fabric prepared for step 21

Step 22:

Top stitch around the top off the bag to secure the lining and the handles, this is an additional touch that will give your bag a professional finish.

You are ready to party with your beautiful bag! Where are you off to?


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