How to Make a Christmas Rag Wreath

This scrap-busting, rustic, handmade project is a beautiful Christmas decoration which will add to your festive spirit.

You will need:

Christmas fabric and ribbon, Jute cord, a hoop (you can upcycle an embroidery hoop or a round picture frame), scissors or a wheel cutter. 



Gather your Christmas fabric and ribbon.
Cut your fabric into approximately 3cm's widths. I folded mine so you cut twice as much which saves time.
Cut the strips into 20cm lengths ensuring that you cut the ends of the fabric on a 45 degree angle. This will give your wreath more texture.

Place the fabric right side down and roll it tightly in the middle.

Tie it around your hoop with a double knot. Repeat.

The fabric should cover all of the hoop. If you push the fabric close together you will achieve a better effect.

Trim any long ends remembering to cut on a 45 degree angle.

Continue until all of the hoop is covered. Using Jute cord tie a loop around the top to hang your wreath. 

Ta Da!! Hang your handiwork with pride!

 If you are looking to top up on your fabric remnants then we often have remnant packs for sale here although they are super popular so you have to be quick to nab them when they are available!

Sharon Stainsby

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