How to Make a Fabric Strap

We’ve all been there, fighting to turn a strap the right way round because the instructions told you to make it using the traditional method. Whether you are using a Bodkin, a knitting needle, an old 1970’s nappy pin, it’s time consuming and you have to bag it out (posh way of saying turning the right way… it’s a Great British sewing Bee thing).

So, here is my very easy method.



Press your fabric first. This gives you a flat surface to work with.

 Fabric starting position

Step 2.

With the wrong side up, fold in half lengthways and press again. This makes a crease down the middle.

 Fold the fabric

Step 3.

Fold one side of the fabric in 5mm. Press.

.Fold the fabric 5cm at the end 

Step 4.

Turn your fabric the other way up and using the recently pressed side as a guide, fold the outside edge in to match it. Press.          

If you open the fabric, it should look like this.

 Step 5

Step 5

Using your sewing machine, stitch along the open edge close to the folds. Press again.

Ta Da!! A straight, flat strap that can be used for bags, a strappy dress or top. Easy peasy.

Final image of finished strap

NB. I know, you might think I have a fetish for irons. I don't. I loathe ironing but sewing and pressing go hand in hand. It gives your projects a sharp, professional finish and bonds the stitching to the fabric.