How to make Fabric Christmas Bells

These beautiful hand finished bells are great for using up scrap fabric and make beautiful gifts.

You will need:

Christmas Fabric, a sewing machine, a sewing bodkin or blunt pencil, scissors, an iron, needle, thread, ribbon and a bell.


Choose two fabrics, one for the inside of the bell and one for the outside. I found that plain material on the inside and patterned on the outside works well.
The larger/smaller the circle, the larger/smaller the bell.
I started with a medium size as it can be a bit fiddly until you are more practiced at folding the fabric..
Use a template to draw two circles, one on each piece of fabric. I used a saucer which has a diameter of 14 cm, (5.5” in old money).
Put the “right” sides of the fabric together and pin in the middle to hold them steady. The “wrong” side of the fabric should be on the outside.

Using a sewing machine, stitch around the edge leaving a 5mm seam allowance leaving a gap of 5cm’s (2”). This will allow you to turn the fabric the "right" way round.

Trim any loose ends and using the unsewn edge, carefully turn the fabric the right way round. Use a sewing bodkin or the blunt end of a pencil to ensure the circle is fully round then press firmly. Ironing the fabric gives it a sharper edge and a professional finish.

Place the "outside" of the bell on your table, so the "inside" fabric is facing upwards with the unsewn seam at the top. Fold the top of the circle a third of the way down.
Roll the edges over to create an overlapping cone with a small hole in the top. Pin in place.
Using matching thread and small slip stitches sew from the bottom of the overlap to the top. Do not cut your thread!
Place your ribbon on the inside of the bell (ensuring it isn't twisted) and push it up through the hole and back through, creating a loop with a long tail. Secure the loop with needle and thread.

Lastly, thread the bell onto the ribbon and knot the ribbon. Trim the loose ends.


Voila! its time for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way...
If you are looking to top up on your fabric remnants then we often have remnant packs for sale here although they are super popular so you have to be quick to nab them when they are available!

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