A Crafter's Christmas

Christmas always starts early for crafters and makers. Let's face it, if we are going to fit crafting and making in between all the shopping, parties and festivities, we need to be organised!

So Fabric Love is bringing you the 12 Days of Christmas early. A chance to win big prizes, grab some bargains, get some amazing crafting ideas and most of all, have some fun!

Every day we will be bringing you something new and exciting, from free downloadable festive patterns and craft ideas to fun competitions with a chance to win amazing prizes and big giveaways and discounts across the shop.

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On the First Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love gave to me...

A pretty fabric skirt for my tree!

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree, Oh tree of green unchanging...

Christmas is coming!! At Fabric Love we get very excited about Christmas and want to share our seasonal projects with you.

This Christmas Tree Skirt reminds me of a Poinsettia and was made using patterned christmas cotton fabric, there is no right or wrong way up for the pattern on the fabric so there is little wastage.

The finished skirt is 1.3m in diameter, it goes over the legs on the tree stand and cascades to the floor giving an elegant finish to your Christmas tree.

Check out the easy to follow tutorial with a free downloadable pattern here

On the Second Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love gave to me....

A Fun Game of Hide and Seek!

This competition has now finished. The draw will take place on Friday 3rd December for the £30 gift voucher.

On the Third Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me...

A Gift Bag That Was Eco-Friendly!

We all know the tell tale shape of a bottle under the Christmas Tree, most of us have ones made from trees.

Why not make a Bottle Bag out of fabric so you can re-use it and re-gift it to someone else? The Bottle Bag can be made to suit any occasion and re-gifting it will help to reduce waste and share the eco message.

Check out the easy to follow tutorial with a free downloadable pattern here

Have some of the other gift bags caught your eye? We will be publishing more free downloadable patterns for other shaped bags as well as furoshiki wrapping later in the week!

On the Fourth Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me...

A Winning Competition Entry!

Today we are kicking off a festive Make of the Month competition on facebook and instagram.

If you have made something beautifully festive this year, share it with us for a chance to WIN a £25 voucher.

If you haven't made anything festive recently, check out our pages for some inspiration from some of our other lovely customers!

On The Fifth Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me....

A Stocking for My Poochy!

Pets are family too and as such we include them all in our family celebrations. We all have a Christmas stocking and we can't leave Toby out!

This very easy dog stocking is 27cms high & 14cms wide. I used heat & bond to give it some structure and lined it (it looks better).

The stocking has been road tested on Emily's gorgeous dog Toby and he gives it a tails up!!

Check out the easy to follow tutorial and free downloadable pattern here

Our Black Friday event has now ended.

On The Seventh Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me....

A Stocking with a Curly Toe!

My favourite part of Christmas is hanging up the stockings, for me it marks the start of Christmas. Every family member has a stocking hung on the fireplace filled with traditional gifts that bring back my own childhood memories whilst making new memories with the children.

 An apple, an orange, a handful of nuts, a new toothbrush, a twenty pence piece, chocolate, socks and smellies. I've updated this list over the years to include individual things that my girls love but the basics are still there. It's our traditional family Christmas that comes from my Mam's childhood.

I don't make new Christmas stockings often, as with any family, you keep the same ones every year and we are quite attached to them. It's almost like they have a heritage value that is associated with family, happy times and great memories. That said, I love the curled toe on this Elf stocking, the stuffing gives it definition and the bell on the toe reminds me of Christmas films...that and the fact that I can hear if someone is taking a sneaky peak...!

Check out the easy to follow tutorial and free downloadable pattern here

On The Eighth Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me....

This competition has now ended.

Our Cyber Monday event has now ended.

A Festive Gift Bag...With Pockets!

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, it's also the most wasteful time of year. The amount of wrapping paper thrown away at Christmas in the UK alone would stretch to the moon, according to estimates by recycling advisors WRAP.

What about making fabric bags? These will last and can be re-used indefinitely. This finished bag measures 26 x 14cms and has four pockets, not only do they look beautiful, it's a personal touch, they are sustainable, kinder to the environment and will keep non-recyclable paper out of landfill and incinerators.

 By giving fabric wrapping to your friends and family you are spreading the ecological message and helping the environment. These bags are not just for Christmas! What's not to like?

Check out the easy to follow tutorial and free downloadable pattern here

On The Eleventh Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me....

A Fun Counting Competition!

Today we have a fun counting competition on facebook and instagram.

For a chance to win one of our Crafty Cotton fat quarter bundles, head over to our social media pages and place your guess!!

On The Twelfth Day of Fabmas, Fabric Love Gave to Me....

Discounts in a Winter Sale!

Winter Sale starts today with 30% off many lines and new bolt ends and fabric remnant packs added daily!

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